Because >>>
We have deep respect and appreciation of the local realities in which we work at all times. We believe that people learn by trying out, failing, trying again, and learning from that. We encourage critical thinking by starting with ourselves first: we embrace a feedback culture that values inputs by everyone and across hierarchies.

Our Vision

We acknowledge that we live in a world of complex, interconnected challenges where constant change is a reality. We embrace this complexity as open-minded learners.
We strive for vibrant and resilient communities where everyone counts and active citizens are a stronghold for democracy. We work shoulder to shoulder with individuals, teams, organizations, and communities to build sustainable ecosystems of civil society.
As enablers, we open up safer spaces for international and cross-sectoral exchange and collaboration. As an incubator, we create opportunities for capacity development, try out new ideas, and implement innovative methodologies and practices. As facilitators, we design and host participatory, horizontal learning spaces.

We are committed to

>>> Living and practicing inclusive and participatory approaches

>>> Providing spaces of trust, understanding, and mutual inquiry for community building and hosting

>>> Collaborative relationships and international, cross-sectoral exchange

Our Story

Commit came to life in December 2021, but our history begins with the founding of the non-profit association MitOst in 1996.

MitOst is an organization and a network that fosters active citizenship, cultural exchange, social cohesion, and sustainable urban and rural development beyond cultural and sectoral borders. MitOst has been implementing educational programs with a focus on Active Citizenship (today Commit) and Cultural Exchange (today zusa) for over 25 years, among them the Theodor-Heuss-Kolleg, the Bosch Lectureship Program, Dialogue for Change, Advocate Europe or Actors of Urban Change. These programs’ narratives and experiences have inspired Commit and planted the seeds for who we are today.

The knowledge and skills we apply in our work at Commit.

>>> Project management, as well as organizational development
>>> Design and development of tailor-made educational programs
>>> Translation and adaptation of our programs and methodologies into new contexts
>>> Facilitation and hosting of international learning events and network gatherings
>>> Development of facilitation tools and methodologies for diverse fields

>>> Citizenship education
>>> Organizational development
>>> Intercultural communication
>>> Project management
>>> Dialogue & conflict resolution
>>> Working in complexity
>>> Systems thinking
>>> Diversity & group dynamics

>>> Community building
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