We are committed.

To civil society. To democracy. To resilient communities.  

To civil society. To democracy.  

We acknowledge that we live in a world of complex, interconnected  challenges where constant change is a reality. We embrace this complexity as open-minded learners.
We strive for vibrant and resilient communities where everyone counts and active citizens are a stronghold for democracy. We work shoulder to shoulder with individuals, teams, organizations, and communities to build sustainable ecosystems of civil society.

The knowledge and skills we apply in our work at Commit.

>>> Project management, as well as organizational development
>>> Design and development of tailor-made educational programs
>>> Translation and adaptation of our programs and methodologies into new contexts
>>> Facilitation and hosting of international learning events and network gatherings
>>> Development of facilitation tools and methodologies for diverse fields

>>> Citizenship education
>>> Organizational development
>>> Intercultural communication
>>> Project management
>>> Dialogue & conflict resolution
>>> Working in complexity
>>> Systems thinking
>>> Diversity & group dynamics

>>> Community building
Engaged individuals contribute to positive social change in their communities because they have experienced their self-efficacy. We view all actors involved in our activities as free-thinking individuals, members of their community, and citizens of their country. Thus, enhancing individuals’ skills and capacities to become active citizens ultimately empowers communities and broader society.
Trust is the key to our work with individuals, partners, teams, and wider networks. With more than 20 years of experience in fostering active citizenship across many countries in Europe, Asia, and North Africa, we have reaffirmed that trust is essential for collaboration, creative thinking and productivity. Trusting mutual values, beliefs, and a common purpose towards sparking social change is the foundation of all our relationships.
We have deep respect and appreciation of the local realities in which we work at all times. We apply a context-sensitive approach to foster active citizenship, which entails locally-led and meaningful capacity development, as well as a space in which people can become active in their own context.
Vidnova Fellowship

Vidnova Fellowship is an individually designed support program for civil society actors from Ukraine who were forced to leave their local context due to Russia’s full-scale invasion.

Vidnova Lab

Vidnova Lab is a networking program concentrated on ecosystem mapping and prototyping solutions dedicated to Ukraine's recovery and reconstruction.

horizontal school

horizontal school is a training academy, which offers spaces to learn how to facilitate, develop practices on the levels of self, team, organization, or community, and to connect with peers.

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